Panasonic Cube AC in India

Panasonic had launched The Cube AC in December. The product innovation is a unique combination of the best benefits of a window Ac and a split AC, available at an affordable price.

Keeping in mind the Indian climate conditions and space restrictions with a rise in the apartment lifestyle, the Panasonic Cube AC with is unique and stylish design, can be mounted close to a ceiling or at the window level. Among the key features are, faster cooling and better air flow with a reduced noise level enabled by a highly efficient diagonal propeller fan for wider air discharge. It also translates into reduced energy consumption. Promising to be tough and durable, the Cube is well protected against corrosive elements and weather, due to bluefin condenser. The special anti rust coating extends the life span of the AC by three times. The Cube AC has been developed and launched considering the requirements of Indian customers, which reflected in the survey conducted by Panasonic starting around June, 2009.

The Cube has been introduced at two entry level models with a cooling capacity of 1.25 ton and 1.6 ton priced at Rs.15,500 and Rs.18,500 respectively.

You can check the specifications of the Cube AC at:
1.5T Panasonic Cube AC
1.25T Panasonic Cube AC with remote
1.5T Panasonic Cube AC
1.5T Panasonic Cube AC with remote

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