Car Battery Maintenance Guide

If your car is to be left unused or idle for a long time, you should disconnect the battery. This will slow down its discharge rate and prevent the battery from going flat fast.

Care of the battery

If A BATTERY is stored for a long time, it will discharge through internal leakage. A battery charger will keep the battery in peak condition, especially during the winter. It also has a further use: a fully charged battery will produce only about two-thirds its power when cold, but half an hour on a trickle charge will warm it up, so that it can punch out full starting power. A distilled-water filler avoids overfilling and subsequent corrosion of the terminals by cutting off the flow as soon as the correct level is reached.

If you are not using the vehicle for a long period of a month or so then remove the terminals from the battery. This prevents the discharge and prolongs the life of the battery.

Signs of Failing Car Battery

With a little knowledge and hands on car battery maintenance, it would be easy to identify early signs of low or failing car battery. Here are the most common but significant signals of low or failing battery:

Causes of Weak Car Battery

After identifying the symptoms of failing battery, it is also essential to know the actual causes of battery malfunction. Knowledge of the causes of car battery failure assists to take good care of it ensuring a prolonged and problem free life.
Here are some of the culprits of battery weakening or failure:

Battery Maintenance

Like most other parts of the modern car, your batteries too are practically "maintenance free". Most car batteries today no longer require frequent servicing in the form of topping-up of the electrolyte level, although checking should be done at regular intervals as specified in your owner's manual. However wherever required, "topping-up" should be done meticulously once in 15 days. Only distilled water should be used for topping-up.

Improper functioning of the battery can cause starting problems and over-charging (which is indicated by inconsistent functioning of the horn and light). Following checks should be made:

Safety Tips while Working with Battery

When servicing a battery, work in an open, ventilated area, and always wear safety glasses. Battery acid is very corrosive: take care not to get any on your skin or clothes.

Before you start, always check the type of grounding system the vehicle has. If you remove the positive connector first in a negative ground system, you risk the chance of creating a spark. That could happen if the metal tool you're using to remove the positive terminal connector comes in contact with any piece of metal on the car. If you are working near the battery when this occurs, it might create an ignition source that could cause the battery to explode. It's extremely important to remove the ground source first.

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