Car Driving License Tips for India

Car Driving License is the essential document to be able to drive on the Indian roads.Nowadays it has become difficult to pay agents and get drivign license in India without appearing for driver's test unlike in the past.
States like Maharashtra,Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and several other states in India are issuing smart card driver licenses, which will have a chip with a 4 KB memory. The smart card driver license will contain all the essential information about the driver, along with his/her photograph, signature and thumb impression.
A Car Driving License in India can be obtained in two simple steps:

Procuring a Learner's Driving License
Procuring a Permanent Driving License

Nowadays most RTOs have already started with a computerized test for a learners driving license.


Driving licenses are issued in India by the Regional Transport Office (RTO).
To get a learners license you have to visit your local RTO office. To get a driver license one needs to first get a learner license. To get your learner license, the following documents are required.

The Test

The book on Rules of the Road Regulations is given to the applicant at the time he receives the form. At the time of submission of the form, he will be questioned on traffic rules, signs and signals. If his answers are satisfactory, he will be given the Temporary Driving License, otherwise not.

Obtaining the Learner's License

If the candidate passes the oral test on the Rules of The Road Regulations, he is required to collect his Learner's License from the office of the Regional Transport Officer(RTO). The Learner's License allows you to drive the vehicle you have applied for, but only with someone beside you, who is a license holder. The sign 'L' should definitely be painted on the back and front of the vehicle in red to alert other road users.

Period of Learner's License

This learner's license is valid for a period of 6 months after which another application would be needed. After having a leaner license for at least one month, an applicant can take the road test for a full driving license.


To obtain a Permanent Driving License, the applicant is required to take a test on driving that particular vehicle for which he has applied. Also, he is required to clear the test and prove that he is well versed in driving that particular vehicle. One who is not possessing a car drivers' license while driving he may be fined or challaned.

Generally there is no further documentation is required for the road test. And also the test does not normally take too much time though you would wait along with other people who will be appearing for the test.

Most driving schools charge by the type of the car one wishes to learn on. The majority of them provide around 30 minute lessons a day for a couple of weeks and for approximately 8 lessons plus providing their car for the driving test charge approximately 2200 to 3500 Rupees. However you should always make an attempt to negotiate to bring this down.

The driving test is conducted by an expert who is the final arbiter in this respect. A pass here means that you will be recommended for Permanent Driving License to the License Issuing Authority. For obtaining the laminated Driving License, the applicant will have to present himself/herself at the concerned RTO's office on the day specified by the AASI for the purpose.

During the driving test the examiner allows the instructors also to sit in the car used by candidates to do the driving test. This can be helpful if you are not an accomplished driver.


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