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How Refrigerator is impacting our lifestyle

Gone are those days when consumers expected their refrigerators to just keep the milk cold and the ice cream frozen. Of course, this elegant India insight LG appliance still does that but it has now upgraded itself to provide more functionality and convenience to its users. From meticulously doling out the cold air (and humidity) where needed, to keeping the lettuce crisp in specially controlled drawers to dodging the preserving freezer burn on that pricy salmon filets, the refrigerator is a must have kitchen appliance.

By keeping food and drink at the right temperatures, the refrigerator ensures that its users are not only eating healthy food, but are also saving money. A lot of people do not know that keeping their food cool, they are prolonging its life. This means that over time they will be able to prolong its shelf life much longer, which is where the savings tend to fit in. A lot of people could be saving hundreds a year by owning a high quality fridge.

Savings through newly launched Inverter Compressor technology models in terms of energy tends to be around 20-30% in comparison to a conventional Model , which over the space of a year or even more, can equate to a lot of money. So whilst the upfront purchase might seem fairly substantial, the savings over time can also be just as substantial. Some of the latest technology in refrigerators is the Ever fresh Zone. A special large fresh zone with moist balance crisper and humidity controller that keeps vegetable fresh by maintaining optimum moisture levels and the Green ion Door Cooling that , eliminates bad odor & micro bacteria , slows decaying and maintains even temperature throughout the refrigerator.

Powercut Evercool technology

Leading homes appliances companies are developing products keeping in mind the needs of Indian customers. Power outage is a frequent and prominent problem in India that leads to spoilage of cooked and uncooked food. A power cut can cause the rise of temperature inside a refrigerator/freezer, increasing the risk of food deterioration, loss of food quality and shelf-life reduction. In such a scenario, the food kept in refrigerator starts getting spoilt within 2 hours. In response to this, LG introduced the patented Powercut Evercool technology, the only refrigerator in India that gives the longest cool air retention in the refrigerator section during power cuts. The Power cut Evercool technology ensures that the temperature is maintained and freshness of food is preserved for up to 7 hours in refrigerator section and up to 10 hours in freezer section.

LG Evercool Refrigerator

The size of refrigerators is increasing with increasing prosperity demands of the families in India. But increased size leads to higher electricity consumption and in turn higher electricity bills. So now electricity consumption becomes the deciding factor in buying a refrigerator. Rated 5 stars by Bureau of Energy Efficiency for its power saving features, LG Refrigerators consumes 20% less electricity than the conventional refrigerators and is hence, a choice of gadget for the kitchen.

But food preservation is only one part of the story in refrigeration, that big box in the kitchen can increasingly do other tricks, such as chill a can of soda in five minutes. Refrigerators are one of the most valuable equipment’s found in our homes today. Almost every household in the world needs something to store their food so as to prevent it from spoiling. This magical equipment which is craftily made turns on every five minutes and keeps everything cold. Without it, there will be enormous amount of food that will go to be on the garbage every day. Surely, such invention is great that it affects almost every person on earth regarding whatever their walks of life are.

In a nutshell, refrigerators are getting customized and catering to the different needs of consumer around the world. They contribute in a small part to make our life style better, healthy and enrich.

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