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Juicer vs Squeezer



+ Lower price

+ Most of the material can be inserted fully

- Not suitable for juices from leafy vegetables, germ, wheat grass, herbs

- Leaves a lot of wet waste

- rapidly rotating blades causes an increase in temperature that

- destroys enzymes

- juices are lower quality watery delaminate, have a lot of foam

- very noisy due to the rotating cutting blade


+ also squeezed juices from vegetables Leafy, germ, herbs and wheatgrass

+ little waste (we get about 1/3 juice of 1 kg of raw material)

+ you can do in the vegetable milk, lady, sorbet, peanut butter, jams tofu

+ idle snail crush material without participation of temperature, not destroying enzymes

+ juice density can be adjusted by changing the sieve przecierajacego

+ May juices the nutritional value of raw (no loss of nutrients)

+ Thanks enzymes not delaminate quickly (up to 72 hours in the refrigerator) foam is minimal

- higher initial purchase cost

- material requires slicing into pieces

- By Saurabh Srivastava

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