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New Refrigerator Models in 2015

LG launches fridge that keeps cool without power

LG Electronics India has launched new Power Cut EverCool refrigerators with the ability to retain cooling for up to seven hours without electricity. This patented technology retains freezing for two more hours.

The innovation was based on consumer insight from India which showed that the extreme weather coupled with the erratic power supply was causing serious wastage of food in households. This cutting edge technology works by incorporating a valve in the fridge that opens when the power fails. The valve circulates refrigerants inside the unit to retain cooling.

The Powercut EverCool technology will be available in five frost-free models ranging from 258 to 360 liters. These units will be priced between Rs 27,350 and Rs 41,300. In direct cool, this new technology will be available in four models between 185 and 235 liters, all priced under Rs 18,550.


Samsung Electronics will be launching its new Digital Inverter Series of Frost Free Refrigerators in 2015. The Smart Home Appliance range has been developed keeping in mind the needs of Indian consumers.

The Digital Inverter Series is India's first Frost Free refrigerator range with Digital Inverter Compressor (DIC) that comes with a 10 year warranty. It offers enhanced durability, convenience and smarter energy savings.

The Digital Inverter Series delivers up to 40 percent more energy efficiency while significantly reducing noise. The compressor precisely adjusts cooling performance based on daily refrigerator use and temperature levels, both internal and external. These technologies maximize the freshness of food and reduce overall carbon dioxide production, a smart solution to reduce energy consumption while preserving the environment. With a strong compressor that can stably operate despite high fluctuation of voltage (110V to 300V) even at 50?, the new Digital Inverter Series eliminates the need of a separate stabilizer providing better energy efficiency while saving on space.

The new range is equipped with the innovative convenience features such as 'Coolpack' that delays the rise in temperature when the power is off and prevents food from spoiling quickly even during a blackout lasting 8 hours. Given the increasing consumer preference for larger fridge space, the Series' freezer to fridge ratio has been adjusted to 25:75 to give bigger fridge space. An ‘Easy Slide Out' shelf has also been specially designed to slide out to 170 mm enabling a more efficient organization, while reducing unused space inside. And the range also offers the convenience of a movable vegetable box, which can be raised to a desired height, lessening the inconvenience of bending to take out food. Both shelves can store up to 40kg of vegetable and fruit.

In addition to Real Stainless, Platinum Inox, Metal Graphite color patterns the range also offers a differentiated floral 'Orcherry' design in Peach Silver, Garnet Red and Pearl Black . The Digital Inverter Series is available in 253L, 275L, 321L, 345L, 393 L and 415L capacities, priced between Rs 20,500/- to Rs 49,500/-.


Whirlpool is set to enter the affordable price segment in the direct cool refrigerator market in India by March end.

The company is also planning to launch new variants in the frost-free refrigerator category in April. However, it will not be replacing any of its existing product categories in refrigerators.

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