Transferring Cars between States

What to do when move your car to new state?

Change of address has to be intimated within 30 days before the Jurisdictional Regional Transport office.

If the vehicle is purchased from outside state bearing other state registration mark then Transfer of ownership has to be intimated within 30 days before the Jurisdictional Regional Transport office.

Before using the vehicle in the state you have moved, you have to pay Motor vehicle Tax.For this you need to approach the nearest Regional Transport Office along with the Original Registration Certificate, Insurance and Emission Testing Certificate. How the tax is assessed? The tax to be paid will be assessed on the basis of the age and cubic capacity of the vehicle as on the date of migration in respect of cars and motorcycles. In respect of light motor vehicles, depending on registration date, the tax will be assessed on the basis of cost and age of the vehicle at the time of registration. So the invoice of the vehicle has to be produced for assessing the tax.

NOC (NO objection Certificate)

NOC is not required for payment of tax .

NOC is not required for recording change of address in respect of an other state vehicle.

NOC is required to be produced in the following cases, The following documents are generally needed when applying for NOC:

No NOC from earlier registered state

If you could not obtain NOC at the time of shifing of my vehicle and have paid tax, and obtained change of address in the certificate of registration in the new state , there is a way to obtain NOC from previous registering authority. You will have to fill forms with pencil print of the chassis no. on all the forms , and send the forms to the previous registering authority along with original registration certificate, Insurance, emission testing certificate BY RPAD. Keep the acknowledgement from the previous Registering authority for having received your application and the 4th copy of NOC application safely . You will receive the NOC from the concerned Registering Authority.

A Vehicle is not permitted to ply with other state registration mark beyond 11 months from the date of migration . So you should apply and obtain the new state egistration mark before that period.

Permanent Registration

The following documents are generally required when applying for permanent registration:

Road Tax

You can pay one year's road tax if you intend to stay for a year in most states. For longer periods you need to pay a life-time tax and claim refund if you move out of the state.

States like Maharashtra do not accept a 1 year tax and you have to pay a life-time road tax and claim it later when you move out.

The RTO officers do the calculations based on the depreciation values they have for various cars and models. They do it based on invoice if you share that else they will use the car value with them for calculations.

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