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Tubular batteries in India

Tubular batteries are popular for their uses and ability to long laster. Tubular batteries are also known to weather rough environments and hence are liked for use in inverters and vehicles.

What is tubular battery?

Tubular battery is one of the types of battery based on design. The other type is flat pasted plate battery. These two differ in the design process and tubular battery has the more complex design with number of parallel tubes which contain lead oxide.

Tubular batteries

Advantages of tubular batteries

Tubular battery vs flat plated battery

Tubular batteries are better for high end applications and are priced higher as well. The longevity of tubular batteries is more than flat plated ones. Flat plated battery will be more for people who are budget conscious and do not have too many requirements.

Tubular battery vs SMF battery

Tubular battery last longer as tubular battery is open and maintenance can be done for them. For SMF batteries since they are sealed, the maintenance cannot be done.

Tips to buy tubular battery

Exide4u.com suggests that the quality of tubular battery depends on Spine tubes. The best is HADI casting - the others like gravity type casting and low pressure casting should be avoided.

Always go for branded batteries as they will be reliable. Exide Inva tubular is a good battery and highly recommended by experts.

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